BLISS Residential Care Ltd: a short summary

BLISS Residential Care was first registered in 2007 to provide residential accommodation for individuals with a learning disability.


Company Information

BLISS Residential Care Ltd was registered in 2007.

The Company Name: B.L.I.S.S. Residential Care Ltd was chosen as the dictionary
definition for BLISS is: ‘Perfect Untroubled Happiness’ the acronym stands for
Building Lives in Supported Surroundings.


The company Motto is:


 ''Creating Change - Changing Lives''


Director Information

The company structure comprises of a Managing Director, Chairman, Company
Secretary and Finance Manager, all of whom have previous experience within
residential settings.

The service will be managed by Teresa Fellows a Registered Nurse RMN who has
30 years experience within various healthcare settings, 15 years of which was spent within Social Care settings looking after Residents with a Mental Health or Learning Disability diagnosis. Teresa has a proven track record in the support of residents within residential care.

Through the 15 years within Social Care Teresa has held residential manager
positions and service manager positions and has assisted in re-integrating residents into the community, residents who have gained sufficient skills to leave supported care environments.

Management Information


The home will be managed by a Registered Manager Tracy Clare who has 28 years  experience in the support of residents within mental health and learning disability environments.

Tracy has managed MD/LD homes for 15 years and has successfully integrated
service users into living independently within the community. Tracy will manage a
staff team with previous experience in learning disability residential settings.


Staff Information


Staffing numbers will be determined by support needs of residents.


The homes will also have a deputy manager and two team leaders.


The organisation does not use agency staff but has its own bank staff made up of staff who have previously worked at the home but for childcare or home commitments can no longer commit to regular hours.


Highly trained staff are able to meet the needs of all residents within the service.